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Wherever you are, the SD Motion Trike delivers the freedom of a full electric power wheelchair capable across different terrains, leaving you with the energy for the things you enjoy!

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RANGE:  18miles or 30km (will vary based on conditions)

COST:  FROM £11,950

SDMotion Trike

Wherever you are, the SDMotionTrike multi-terrain wheelchair delivers the freedom you want. Now you don’t need to stick to just the pavement any longer! Tough and powerful, the SD Motion Trike is ready to go wherever you are. 

With front-wheel drive, deep treads and a stable base, more demanding terrain is no longer a barrier. Instead, with the SDMotion Trike, it’s  a journey of discovery where you get to make the rules.

Frame Colours

With an extensive range of frame colours, your Trike can be as individual as you like 

(No Extra Cost!)

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Trike Photos
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Strong, durable and built to last

The SD Motion Trike combines the power of the SD Motion Drive system with the strong and durable frame of a Mountain Trike. 

Personalise your Trike with a wide range of frame colour options, and choose various options and additional accessories such as the head rest, push bar or storage rack.

The SD Motion Trike allows the user to experience all terrains from wet mud, tree roots, sand and snow, with the long range of the lithium battery reaching up to 30km.

The high performance, deep tread 26” tyres can take you further afield, and the quick-release wheels make for easy transportation, especially when the trike can be folded into a cube in around 2 minutes.
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SD Motion Trike in the elements

On sand, snow, or wet leaves in the forest, the SD Motion Trike takes it in its stride, as shown in these video shorts.


Wide range of colour options available
Easy to reach battery bag under seat
Built-in USB charger


Off-road 26” tyres
Front wheel drive and stable base allows for 
demanding terrain


Range of up to 30km 
Achieve speeds of 6km/hour
Ability to overcome demanding terrain such as wet mud, tree roots, sand and snow


Wheels detach and Trike can be folded into a cube in a matter of minutes for easy transportation.


Left or right joystick mounting
Higher or lower backrest
Optional headrest, storage rack and push bar


Easy to operate joystick controller
Highly efficient brushless motors with built-in braking function

Technical Specifications

Frame: Aluminium frame
Suspension:Rock shox air shocks
Wheel size: Default: 26"
Optional: 24"
Support:Moulded comfort cushions, tension adjustable support straps
 Footrest:Adjustable height footrest (maximum 41 cm to 48 cm)
Flips up for transfer
Length (fully assembled):130 cm
Overall width:73cm 
 Overall height: 88.5cm from floor to top of backrest. 102cm from floor to top of push handle
Seat height from ground:46.5 cm
Seat width / back height:43cm / 37cm (also adjustable forwards and backwards)
Folded dimensions: 87cm x 61cm x 58cm
 Weight (without battery):37.2 kg (excluding push handle and battery)
Steering:User control. Joystick operation
Motor:30 minutes rated output: 24V 120W X2
Manual/electric mode:Switched by hand
Travel speed:Forward: 1.7 - 6km/h
Reverse: 1 - 3 km/h
Maximum user weight:100kg
Battery:Default:  Lithium-ion: Weight 3.6kg. 25V x 11.8AH
Optional: Nickel-Metal Hydride:  Weight 2.9kg. 24V x 6.7AH
Battery charger:Power supply: AC100V to 240V, 50/60HZ
Fully automatic charging
Charging time: Ni-MH 2-3 hours, Li-ion 4.5 hours approx
Electric power range:Nickel-metal hydride battery: 16km / 10 miles
Lithium-ion battery: 30km / 18 miles

Brochures, Options, Accessories and Getting in Touch

Brochure downloads

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Options and Accessories

View the extensive range of options and accessories including, tyres, Joysticks.

Get in Touch

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Frequently asked questions...

How can I get more information and book a demo?

All our brochures are available to be downloaded on our website. If you would like to book a demonstration you can fill out our enquiry form, email us, or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

Can I upgrade my current Mountain Trike with the SD Motion system?

If you purchased your Mountain Trike after August 2019 we are able to upgrade it with the SD Motion power system.

How do I place an order?

Once you have had a successful demonstration of the system we will ask you to complete an order form listing your preferences.

If we are fitting the system to your existing chair we will arrange a date when your chair is available for conversion. The installation of the system will take 1-2 days and then will arrange to deliver the chair back to you with a familiarisation session.

For all orders placed we ask for a 50% deposit upfront with the remaining balance to be paid on receipt of the completed chair.

How do I operate the system?

The SD Motion Trike is operated by the easy-to-use joystick controller which offers 5 speed levels. This joystick can be fitted to the left or right side of the Trike, with the bracket mounted on either the trike frame or the armrest.

What sort of terrain can the SD Motion Trike travel on?

The SD Motion Trike can travel over wet mud, sand, snow, cobbles, thick grass and tree roots. For much steeper inclines, you may benefit from having an assistant using the push handle.

What is the weight of the SD Motion Trike?

The SD Motion Trike weighs 37.2kg (excluding the push handle and battery)

What are the dimensions of the SD Motion Trike?

The SD Motion Trike is 132cm in length, 73cm wide and 88.5cm high. 

When folded for transportation, with the large wheels and the joystick removed, the SD Motion Trike is 87cm long x 61cm wide x 58cm high.

Is the SD Motion Trike crash tested?
Our trike as a whole has not been crash-tested and here’s why; 
The SD Motion Trike was created to provide as much comfort to the user as possible, and has been fitted with 3 Rockshox shock absorbers to enable the smoothest possible ride over uneven terrain.
If you were travelling in a vehicle in the trike, and crashed, the shock absorbers will cause the trike to rebound, at whatever speed you impacted at.
For safety any chair should be completely secure allowing no movement in any direction, therefore we do not recommend sitting in any type of trike while travelling in a vehicle.
 While we see that travelling in the trike is beneficial for some people, we feel that the comfier ride given while using the trike outside, outweighs the inconvenience of transferring.
Can this be used inside and outside?

The SD Motion Trike is perfect for use outside. Due to its length and 26" mountain bike wheels, you may find it harder to use indoors when manoeuvring around furniture and through doorways.

How can I personalise my SD Motion Trike chair?

The SD Motion Trike base frame is available in over 100 colours. Click here to see our colour chart.

Accessories include the push handle, head rest, storage rack, footrest platform, various arm rest choices.

Do I need a large vehicle to transport it?

The SD Motion Trike can be taken apart and folded into a cube for easy transportation. Quick-release wheels and a removable joystick makes for easy loading into a car boot in a matter of minutes.

What is the battery range with this system?

The Lithium-ion battery (which comes as standard) weighs 3.6kg and has a range of up to 30km (18.1 miles) This battery has a 8 year life span.

As an optional spare, the Ni-MH battery weighs 2.9kg and has a range of up to 16km (10 miles)

How often should I get this system serviced?

We recommend you have your SD Motion Trike system serviced annually to maintain the safety and reliability of the wheelchair.

What is the warranty?

The SD Motion Trike has a 12 month warranty for the power system and a 3 year warranty for the base frame.

How do I get replacement parts?

As the UK manufacturer we pride ourselves on holding a large stock of replacement parts.

Can I take my SD Motion abroad?

Yes. You will need to contact your airline before flying, and you may need to supply them with copies of the battery safety data sheet. You can find these in our Useful Information section on the battery page