Joystick power for your wheelchair

Wherever you are, the SD Motion range delivers the freedom of assisted or full electric power, across different terrains, leaving you with the energy for the things you enjoy!






RANGE:  18miles or 30km (will vary based on conditions)

COST:  FROM £4,985

SD Motion Drive

Whether you’re at home, work or out and about, the SD Motion Drive delivers freedom of movement right to your fingertips! 

The SD Motion Drive converts your manual wheelchair into a joystick controlled electric powered version, with our add on power-pack.  Its easy to operate with 5 speed levels and individually adjustable driving modes to put you in total control.

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Drive Photos
Quick release wheels
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Can be quickly folded and wheels are quick release

Engineering excellence and built to last

The SD Motion Drive system adds power to your wheelchair via an easy-to-use joystick controller. This system is suitable for a wide range of both folding and rigid frame wheelchairs with 24” wheels.

Easily transportable, lightweight and compact this system adds about 17kg to the weight of your chair. You have 5 speed options, 0-6km/hour, and a choice of Ni-Mh or lithium battery with a range of up to 18 miles.

The joystick can be mounted on either the right or left side with a retractable arm which can lower the joystick position when sitting at a table. 

The optional attendant controller mounted on the push handle allows a carer to have complete control. 


Lightweight alternative to a traditional power chair with equivalent speed and range.
Travel further with more comfort and less effort.


Travel longer and further with a battery range of up to 10miles for Nickel and 18 miles for Lithium battery
Speeds of up to 6km/hour
Downhill speed control


Suitable for many client types as a transition between manual and power
Easily switch between manual and powered propulsion with easy-to-use clutch levers


Optional attendant controller to allow your carer to take complete control of the wheelchair when required.


Suitable for many client types as a transition between manual and power.
Ergonomic controller with simple functions and buttons Speed selection and battery level indicator


Right or left joystick mounting
Programmable speed, turning and deceleration through joystick only
Built-in USB charge outlet

Technical Specifications

 Drive system:
Direct rear-wheel drive
 Weight (without battery):15kg
Steering:User control. Joystick operation
Driving wheel diameter:24"
Motor:30 minutes rated output: 24V 120W X2
Manual/electric mode:Switched by hand
Travel speed:Forward: 1.7 - 6km/h
Reverse: 1 - 3 km/h
Maximum user weight:125kg (including rider, luggage and frame)
Battery:Nickel-Metal Hydride:  Weight 2.9kg. 24V x 6.7AH
Lithium-ion: Weight 3.6kg. 25V x 11.8AH
Battery charger:Power supply: AC100V to 240V, 50/60HZ
Fully automatic charging
Charging time: Ni-MH 2-3 hours, Li-ion 4.5 hours approx
Electric power range:Nickel-metal hydride battery: 16km / 10 miles
Lithium-ion battery: 30km / 18 miles

Brochures, Options, Accessories and Getting in Touch

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Frequently asked questions...

How can I get more information and book a demo?

All our brochures are available to be downloaded on our website. If you would like to book a demonstration you can fill out our enquiry form, email us, or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.

Will the SD Motion Drive fit my wheelchair?

These systems are suitable for many 24" wheel manual wheelchairs. 

You can view our list of compatible wheelchairs here; SD Motion wheelchair list

If your manual wheelchair does not appear on this list, please let us know the make and model of your chair so we can advise if the SD Motion Drive can be fitted to it.

How do I place an order?

Once you have had a successful demonstration of the system we will ask you to complete an order form listing your preferences.

If we are fitting the system to your existing chair we will arrange a date when your chair is available for conversion. The installation of the system will take 1-2 days and then will arrange to deliver the chair back to you with a familiarisation session.

For all orders placed we ask for a 50% deposit upfront with the remaining balance to be paid on receipt of the completed chair.

How do I operate the system?

The SD Motion Drive is operated by the easy-to-use joystick controller which offers 5 speed levels. This joystick can be fitted to the left or right side of the chair. Alternatively, an optional attendant controller on the push handle allows a carer to take complete control of the wheelchair.

What is the weight of this system?

The SD Motion Drive adds 15kg to the weight of your wheelchair. Plus another 3-4kg with the battery.

Can this be used inside and outside?

The SD Motion Drive can be used both indoors and outside. The system only adds about an inch to the width of your wheelchair so doorways aren't a problem.

The joystick controller can be retracted into a lower position when you are sat at a table. Also, you can still fold your wheelchair as before, so this makes for easy transporting in a vehicle.

How can I personalise my SD Motion Drive chair?

You can choose from grey or black casters and rear wheels, with various options for tyre inserts. Choice of 10" or 14" armrest pads and a variety of joystick knobs. Optional battery bag.

Do I need a large vehicle to transport it?

The SD Motion Drive allows the wheelchair to fold as before, and can easily be stored in the boot of a car, even a small one. We also fit hoists which can assist with lifting the additional weight.

What is the battery range with this system?

The Ni-MH battery weighs 2.9kg and has a range of up to 16km (10 miles)

The Lithium-ion battery weighs 3.6kg and has a range of up to 30km (18.1 miles) This battery has a 8 year life span

How often should I get this system serviced?

We recommend you have your SD Motion Drive system serviced annually to maintain the safety and reliability of the wheelchair.

What is the warranty?

All parts of the power system come with 12 months warranty.

How do I get replacement parts?

As the UK manufacturer we pride ourselves on holding a large stock of replacement parts.

Can I take my SD Motion abroad?

Yes. You will need to contact your airline before flying, and you may need to supply them with copies of the battery safety data sheet. You can find these in our Useful Information section on the battery page