About Us

At Steering Developments Ltd (SDL) we’re proud to have been delivering impeccable customer service and life-enhancing products and vehicles for over 4 decades.

Standards of Excellence

We’re committed to continually improving, which is why we complete a lot of training and development, and keep up to date with innovations and industry best practices.

Through our SD Motion product range of powered wheelchairs, batteries and accessories we constantly strive to deliver impeccable, reliable products and fantastic customer service. 

We’re well-known in the industry for our ability to solve problems that other manufacturers can’t – we’re pretty much the benchmark for some of our technical vehicle adaptations.

Besides the SD Motions Range, we are also widely recognised as a supplier that can carry out the simplest to the most complicated driving controls, and for supplying some of  the best vehicle to product solutions such as the Abi-Loader
The Steering Developments Team

The business is in the very capable and experienced hands of Grant Harbour and Stuart Parker, who’ve served the business and its customers brilliantly for many years, sharing decades of experience in the industry and continue to both work hard to shape our culture of customer excellence and quality control. 

Our skilled team continues to expand to meet demand and we look forward to providing innovative vehicle modifications and wheelchair solutions that transform and enhance lives for years to come.







Our History

Steering Developments Ltd was established in 1981, when a group of 7 engineers grouped resources and knowledge to set up the company now known as SDL.

Over the years we’ve brought many other companies under the SDL umbrella to help keep up our unique level of exceptional service and innovation. For example, we acquired Feeny and Johnson to help us further develop our products and bring new technologies to fruition. We also partner with companies who meet our high standards, including Yamaha for add-on power systems for wheelchairs, and  Paravan's Joysteer for the latest in hand control systems.

The mobility industry has come along in leaps and bounds over the last 4 decades; not just the technologies available, but also the cars that we drive and the tools that we use. We’ve gathered a few old photographs that show just how far we’ve come since we began, including our special royal visit some years ago – have a look at a little slice of motoring history below!

SDL’s original joystick steering controls in use

In preparation of our Royal visit

Get in Touch

No matter what your mobility needs, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for the SD Motion Trike wheelchair, powered wheels for your manual wheelchair, or adaptations and conversions to your vehicle, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get exactly the right solution for your needs. Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help however we can.

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